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17 entries.
Turgay Momen Turgay Momen from Tunis, Gouvernorat de Tunis wrote on 07/09/2017:
zaibmust zaibmust wrote on 28/08/2017:
Adobe Software Shop - This place is not for your advertisement. Kindly stop flooding the guestbook with spam. Thanks.
Luna Thomas Luna Thomas from Shenzhen, Shanghai wrote on 19/08/2017:
Thanks for the free graphics. Very much appreciate.
Admin Reply by: zaibmust
Thanks everyone!
Helin Helin from Alexandria, Virginia wrote on 14/08/2017:
Soooo Sooooo Beautiful! Love it!
Alejandro Alejandro from Makhachkala, Moscow wrote on 08/08/2017:
Beautiful illustrations. Very creative. Thanks for free use.
Sandra Sandra from Brisbane wrote on 03/08/2017:
Thank you so much for your beautiful artwork. Your designs are amazing!
Nouman Afzal Nouman Afzal from Islamabad, Karachi wrote on 22/07/2017:
Mashallah very beautiful calligraphy.
Ahlam Mazen Ahlam Mazen from Kฤฑrklareli, Istanbul wrote on 20/07/2017:
Cool illustrations. Looking for more.. ๐Ÿ™‚
Ayse Khulood Ayse Khulood from Craigieburn, Melbourne wrote on 19/07/2017:
Very beautiful work. Beautiful graphics and very informative Islam pages. Jazak Allah Khairan.
Saviera Saviera from Kuching, Sarawak wrote on 17/07/2017:
I like everything especially Islam links/pages. Rabana Yahmik.
Admin Reply by: zaibmust
Thanks everyone!
Reyes Reyes from Bandar Seri Begawan, Brunei wrote on 17/07/2017:
Absolutely Stunning Work. Very Impressive. ๐Ÿ™‚
Alex Alex from Manado, North Sulawesi wrote on 13/07/2017:
Nice Artwork, beautiful silluetts, good work. Thanks.
Effat Hatun Effat Hatun from Johannesburg, Gauteng. wrote on 13/07/2017:
Beautiful work! Thanks for saving my time and effort. May Allah reward you.
esra burton esra burton from brisbane, queensland wrote on 11/07/2017:
Subhanallah! I stumbled upon this site for eid greetings but I keep coming back for more. Keep up the good work.
Abdullah Abdullah from Bangkok, Thailand wrote on 10/07/2017:
Salam & thanks for all the beautiful images and Islamic info. God Bless.
Asim Asim from Pennsylvania wrote on 01/02/2017:
As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuh. This website is an inspiration and a great apparatus for Dawah. It is well set up and would be great for new comers to Islam as well as veterans of Islam. When i go on this site i don't want to get off of it. There is so much useful information as well as beautiful construction and designs. May Allah have mercy on you, preserve your site, and have it reach the eyes and hearts of others. BarakAllahu Feek, may Allah love you. There are many things that I can benefit from this site and I know others will as well. Shukran JazakAllahu Khair.
Admin Reply by: zaibmust
zaibmust zaibmust wrote on 16/12/2016:
Salam Alaikum Guests! Welcome to my Homepage. Hope you find here a perfect image for your Project, Presentation or Blog. Do leave your valued comment or suggestion. Thanks!