Visual Art Journal: Kufi Scripts

How to write your Visual Art Journal:

1. The topic of your Visual Art Journal is “Arabic Calligraphy: Kufi Scripts”.

2. Write date and Title (Visual Art Journal: Kufi Styles) on first page.

3. Draw & color the word “Allah” in any three different Kufi styles (sample drawings are given below). Use color pencils, markers or paint.

4. Be creative. Try different techniques, such as painting, collage, drawing, other visual styles, or whatever takes your fancy. Your journal is a place to express your thoughts and emotions.

5. Cut & paste your calligraphy drawings on your journal.

6. Print three samples of any Kufi style calligraphy from the internet. Cut and paste them on your journal. Mention source of the images (URL / Web address) under the Image. Pay close attention to the details of the sample images and write your comment as caption to it.

7. Each page must have one of your Kufi style drawing and a sample image (any Kufi style) from the internet.

8. Your thoughts and reflections must be written on each page. Express your understanding about Arabic calligraphy and Kufi styles.

9. Decorate your pages with anything that appeals you. Choose delicious stationary. (markers, glitter pens/pencils, paint, pastels, crayons, construction paper/glitter paper, stickers, bird feathers, sequins, dried flowers)

Sample pages: Visual Art Journal

Sample “Allah” Images in Kufic Styles:

Early Kufic:                  

Eastern Kufic:         

Foliate Kufic:               

Knotted Kufic:    

Square Kufic:             

Ornamented Kufic:     

You must:
o Write your journal in three pages (letter size: “8 1/2 X 11” paper)
o Sign your journal (write your full Name and Grade)

This is your assignment for First Semester. Each page has 15 points (total: 45 points)

* The above sample (bitmap) images are drawn in MS Paint by ZM~

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