Events in Islamic History

In the name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful.

10 Muharram
A’shora. Fasting the 9th, the 10th, and the 11th of this month is highly recommended.

12 Rabil Awwal
The light of guidance came with the birth of Prophet Muhammad (SAW).

27 Rajab
The rememberance of Al-Isra wa Al-Mi’raj.

21-29 Ramadan
The Quran was revealed. Observance of Laila-tul-Qadr.

17 Ramadan (March 13, 624 A.D)
The battle of Badr.

6 Shawwal, 3A.H (Mar 21, 625 A.D)
The Battle of Uhad.

Shawal 5 A.H  
The battle of Al-Ahzab.

5 Jumada l, 8 A.H (Aug 30, 629 A.D)
The battle of Mu’tah.

21 Ramadan, 8 A.H (Jan 11, 630 A.D)
The opening of Mecca.

10 Shawwal, 8 A.H (Jan 30, 630 A.D)
The battle of Hunain.

15 Muharram, 14 A.H (Mar 10, 635 A.D)
The battle of Qadisiah.

20 Rabi l, 15 A.H (May 2, 636 A.D)
The opening of Bait-ul-Maqdis by Omer Ibn Al-Khattab.

4 Rabi l, 16 A.H (Apr 5, 637 A.D)
The start of the Islamic calendar at the time of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab.

10 Safar, 99 A.H (Sep 20, 717 A.D)
The start of Omar Ibn Abd Al- Aziz Khalifah.

27 Rajab, 583 A.H (Oct 2, 1187 A.D)
Salahuddin freed Bait-ul-Maqdis from the crusaders. This was right after the battle of Hitten, 25 Rabi ll, 583.

25 Rabi ll, 583 A.H (July 4, 1187 A.D)
The battle of Hitteen.

Feb 14, 1258 (Safar 9, 656 A.H)
The Mongols “Tatar”under the leadership of Holako attacked Baghdad, and destroyed everything they put their hands on.

May 29, 1453 (20 Jumada l, 857 A.H)
The conquest of Constantinople by Muhammad Al-Fatih.

Nov 1492
Muslims were expelled from Andalus (Spain). 500 years later on the same date, the so called peace talks between the Arab countries, the PLO and Israel were conducted at Madrid.

Nov 17, 1917
Balfour Declaration, the British foreign minister promised the Jews a homeland in Palestine.

March 3 1923
The Islamic Khilafah based in Istanbul was dismantled by Kamal Ataturk. The last Ottoman Caliph’s name was Abd-Alwaheed.

July 13, 1931
The uprising of Kashmir Muslims against the Hindu king.

Sep 11, 1931
Martydome of Omar Al-Mukhtar.

Aug 14, 1947
Muslims in India, after a long struggle won independence from the British to create a nation based on Islam. During migration of Muslim majority areas, Hindus massacred millions of Muslims.

Oct 24, 1947
Kashmir Mujahideen liberated part of Kashmir from Hindu rulers and called Azad Kashmir.

Nov 6, 1947
Hindu extremists massacred 350,000 Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir.

May 15, 1948
The Zionists declared the formation of the State of Israel on the land of Palestine.

Dec24, 1951
The independence of Libya from Italy.

Jan 11, 1954
The Algirian revolution which lasted for 8 years, resulted in 1.5 million people killed. It also resulted in the independance of Algeria. in 1962.

Dec 31, 1964
The Palestinians launched their first military operation inside Palestine making the start of the Palestine revolution.

Jun 5-10, 1967
Israel invaded and occupied the remaining part of Palestine.

Aug 21, 1969
Al-Aqsa Mosque was burned by an Australian Jew, Michael Dennis Rohan.

Oct 6-22, 1973
The Oct war between Egypt and Syria, on one side and Israel on the other, began. Endangered at first, Israel was rescued by a massive airlift of American weapons. The U.N. called for another cease-fire.

Nov 10, 1975
The U.N. passed a resolution declaring Zionism as a form of racism. In January 1992, the resolution was revealed.

Sep 17, 1978
The U.S., Israel and Egypt signed the Camp David Accord.

Oct 6, 1981
President Sadat was assassinated by Khaled Islamboli and friends. They were sentenced on Mar 6, 82 and executed on Apr 4, 1982.

Dec 1981
Israel annexed the Golan Heights.

Jun-Sep, 1982
Israel invaded lebnon and occupied its capital. They permitted and supervised the massacre of Sabra and Shatilla camps.

Sep 16-17, 1982
Sabra and Shatilla camps were massacred at which over two thousand Muslims were killed.

Dec 9, 1987
The start of Intifadah against the occupiers of palestine. The intifadah started in Gaza strip and spread quickly to the rest of Palestine.

March 1, 1990
The biggest ever demonstration in the world by 2.5 million people against Indian occupation of Kashmir.

Aug2, 1990
The Iraqi army invaded Kuwait and refused to withdraw which led to the Gulf war 5 months later.

Jan 16, 1991
The United States and its allies attacked Iraq. The war ended 40 days later and resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being murdered.

Apr 2, 1992
The Muslims of Bosnia were attacked by Serbs who had wowed to exterminate them through ethnic cleansing.

Apr 21, 1992
The communist regime in Afganistan fall apart and the Mujahideen entered Kabul.

June 19, 1992
The Islamist in Algeria won the first round of the parliamentary elections. Soon after that, the military junta declared marshal law, nullified the results and cracked dwon on the Islamists.

Sep 13, 1993
Gaza and Jerico First Accord. The PLO and Israel exchanged mutual recognition and signed an accord in Washington whose impact will be seen by generations to come.

Feb 25, 1994
Fajr prayer on the 14th day of Ramadan, 1414 A.H., An American trained physician, Dr. Baruch Goldstein, stormed in on a group of worshippers in the Ibrahimi mosque and opened fire on them killing 27 and injuring 88. Goldstein who was killed during this massacre, was later hailed as a hero for his murder.

Sep 26, 2000
Al-Aqsa uprising: Sharon enters Al-Aqsa Mosque with the protection of the Israeli army, hundreds have been killed and tens of thousands injured.

Oct 7, 2001
America strikes Afghanistan in retaliation for the Sep 11 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center, New York.

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Eid Al-Fitr (1 Shawwal)

Eid Al-Adha (10 Zul-Hijah)