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Bismillah hir Rahman nir Rahim.

 Millions of plant and animal types present in the world stand out as evidence that prove the existence and might of our Creator. The elegant and clear-cut patterns on the butterflies and of flowers indicate that these living things are not the products of unconscious coincidences but the outcomes of an excellent and matchless creation.

When we look at the wings of a butterfly, we notice that the patterns and colors on both sides are fully identical, no matter how intricate they may seem. Even the smallest dot is present on both wings, thereby introducing a flawless order and symmetry.

In addition, none of the colors on these thin wings mixes with the other, each being sharply set apart from the other. These colors are formed by the amassing of tiny scales clustered one on top of another. Isn’t it a wonder how these small scales that are easily dispersed with your hand’s slightest touch can be arranged in both wings without any mistake in their disposal so as to produce exactly the same pattern. Even the replacement of a single scale would destroy the symmetry in the wings and impair their aesthetics. However, you never see any muddle in the wings of any butterfly on the earth. They are as neat and elegant as if made by an artist. And they are indeed made by an Exalted Creator.

Ref: Excerpts from Tafsir Ibn Kathir & The Glorious Quran: Translation by Abdullah Yousuf Ali.