In the name of Allah most Gracious most Merciful.

Prayers Of The Prophet
For This World And The Hereafter:

“Allahummaghfirli warhamni wa afeni warzuqni.”
O Allah! Forgive me, take pity upon me, and grant me sustenance.

  “Allahumma ahsin aqibatana fil umoore kulleha wa ajirna min khizyid-dunya wa azaabil aakhirate.”
O Allah! Make sublime in their outcome; all our actions; and save us from disgrace in this world, and from the chastisement in the Hereafter.

  “Allahumma-a-inni ala zikreka wa shukreka wa husni ibadatika.”
O Lord! Help me in remembering Thee, in expressing gratitude to Thee in the best of manners.

“Allahumma innaka afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fa-fu anni.”
O Allah! Thou art the Most forgiving, Thou lovest forgiveness, so forgive me.

 “Rabbana la tuzigh quloobana bada iz hadaitana wahablana milladunka rahmatan innaka antal wahhab.”
Our Lord, make not our hearts to deviate after Thou hast guide us, and grant us mercy; surely Thou art the Most Liberal Giver.

“Rabbij alni muqeemas-salaate wa min zurriyati Rabbana wataqabbalna dua.”
My Lord, make me keep up prayer and also my offspring, O, Our Lord! And accept my prayer.

Prayers In The Morning And Evening:

“Bismillahil-lazi la yadhurro ma-a imehi shai-un fil-ardhi wala fis-sama-I wa huwas sami-ul aleem.”
In the name of Allah, He with Whose name nothing; either on the earth or in the sky, can do any harm. He is the Best hearer and knower.


For protection against all ailments:

“Laa hawla walaa quwwata illa billah.”
There is no power and no strength except with Allah.

At The Time Of Going To Bed:

“Allahumma bismeka amootu wa ahya.”
O Allah! In Thy name do I die and live.

At The Time Of Awakening:

“Alhamdu lil lahil lazi ahyaana baada ma amatana wa ilaihin-nushooro.”
All praise to Allah, He Who revived us to live after giving us death, and to Him we shall have to return.

At The Time Of Entering And Coming Out Of Toilet:

“Allahumma inni aoozobika minal khubusi wal khaba-ise.”
O Allah! I seek refuge in Thee from the foul male and female devils.

At The Beginning Of Wuzu (Ablution):

“Allahumma inni au Zubika min hamazatish shayateen wa aoozubika rabbe anyyahdhuroon.”
O Allah! Verily, I seek refuge in Thee from the evil suggestions of the devil, and I seek refuge in Thee, lest they should come to me.

While performing Wuzu:

“Allahummagh firlee zambi wawassieli fi daari wabaariklee fee rizkhe.”
O Allah! Forgive me and give me abundance and blessing in my house and grant me abundance in my livelihood.

On Hearing Azan:

“Ashhadu an laa ilaha ill Allahu wahdahu laa shareeka lahu wa ashhadu anna muhammadan abdahu wa rasulahu wa ashhadu anna muhammadan abdahu wa rasulahu razitubillahi rabban wabi muhammadin rasulan wabil islamideenaa.”
I testify that there is no one worthy of worship besides Allah. He is all by Himself and has no partner and I testify that Muhammad (S.A.W.) is His servant and Rasul. I am pleased with Allah as my Lord, Muhammad (S.A.W.) as my Rasul and Islam as my Deen.

While Entering Mosque:

“Alla hummaf tahli abwaaba rahmatica.”
O Allah! Open unto me the gates of Thy Mercy.

While Stepping Out Of Mosque:

“Alla humma inni asaluka min Fadhlika.”
O Allah! I beg of Thee Thy bounty.

At The Time Of Breaking Fast:

“Allahumma laka sumtu wa ala rizqeka aftartu.”
O Allah! It is for Thee I observe fast and it is with Thine blessing that I break it.

At The Time Of Beginning A Meal:

 “Bismillahe wa ala barkatillah.”
In the name of Allah and with the blessing of Allah.

At The Finishing Of Meal:

“Alhamdo lil lahil lazi atamana wa saqana waja-alana minal muslemeen.”
Praise be to Allah who fed us and gave us drink and made us Muslims.

After Having Set Out On A Journey:
“Subhanallazi saqqara lanaa haza wamaa kunnaa lahu muqrineen wa inna ilaa rabbinaa lamun qalibuun.”
Allah is pure, He has given control and without His power we would not have any control Without doubt we are to return to him.
And recite

“Allahumma inna nasaluka fi safarina hazal birra wat taqwa waminal amali maatarda Allahumma haw-win alaina  safarana haza watwi anna bodahu Allahumma amntas sahibu fis safari wal khalifatu fil ahli Allahumma inni aoozubika min wa-sa-issafari wa kabatil manzari wa su-il munqalabi fil mali wal ahl.”
O Allah, we seek goodness from You and piety from this journey and (the ability to do) good actions by which You are pleased. O Allah, ease this journey for us and make us transverse the road quickly. O Allah, You are our companion in this journey and deputy (guardian) over our household whom we left behind. O Allah, I seek refuge in You from the difficulties of the journey and from seeing bad things and from a bad return at home and household and from the duaa of the oppressed.

At The Time Of Distress:

“Hasbun Allahu wa ne’mal wakeelu.”
Allah is sufficient for us and He is an Excellent Guardian.

When in any difficulty:

“Laa ilaha illa anta subhanaka innikuntu minazzalimeen.”
O Allah, there is none worthy of worship besides You. You are Pure, definitely I have oppressed my soul by sinning.

At The Time Of Receiving A Shock:

“Inna lillahi wa innaq ilaihi rajeoon.”
Surely, we are Allah’s and to Him shall we return.

For Forgiveness:

“Allahumma maghfiratuka ausa-o min zunube wa rahmatuka arjaa indee min amali.”
O Allah! the extent of Thy forgiveness is far wider as compared to my sins and the extent of Thy mercy is a matter of greater hope for me than my deed.

On The Night Of Qadr:

“Allahumma innaka afuwwun tuhibbul afwa fa-fu anni.”
O Allah! verily Thou art pardoner, Thou lovest pardon so grant me forgiveness.

Supplication is asking or begging Allah (swt) for something earnestly or humbly. Best times to make Du’aa

Ref: ‘Prayers of the Prophet’ by Abdul Hameed Siddiqui;
‘Masnoon Duaain’ by Munshi Anis Ahmed;
‘Everyday Fiqh’ by Mohammad Yusuf Islahi.